These are the fields I’m very experienced at.


Apps for kids

Mobile + children = awesome.
Touch screens + children = power.
With a mobile device (preferably tablet) and the right software you can teach kids anything, you can engage them in amazing experiences from pretty much as early age as you believe is appropriate.
The challenge of making apps that kids love, though, is immense, but just as well satisfying. Seeing a child interact with your app and laugh with joy while finding something cool is a feeling unlike many others.
I have extensive experience in the children apps and games space – with projects such as AFL Kidzone, Cartoon Network Naruto series of games, Hop! Channel SVOD apps and many more under my belt.

Apps for life

With experience in the NGO, medical and hospitality space, I can help you direct your idea towards becoming part of people’s life and promoting their wellness.
While the mobile industry often focuses on addictive apps, casino oriented experiences and exploiting people when they’re most vulnerable, I believe creating apps can have its integrity and mission to promote well being and influence lives beyond the screen itself.
My experience involves designing products such as the GG platform, Good Blocks, iActPositive as well as others – all of which try to empower people and help them feel better and at the same time help others.
Training apps

Education and training apps

People love learning new things while using their phones almost much as they like browsing their Facebook – and utilising new methodologies together with smartphones, tablets, touch screens and digital lifestyle is now proven to be super effective.
Do you have an offline course you would like to teach online? Do you want to help people learn new things? This is all within reach.

Mobile games

No digital road is complete without it’s share of games, and gamified experiences. If there is one thing that people would always do is play, and usage charts show dominance of games is across the world.
Making games isn’t easy – but it’s fun. With careful goals and expectations, good games can be made even with limited resources. While the market is saturated, new concepts are actually quite rare, and innovating in this space is challenging but can be extremely rewarding.
I created many games – from browser based to mobile games, from match-3 to fighting games, from short and concise experiences to endless, open games.
I am happy to share my experience with you.

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