Find the right freelancers


Choosing the right people for your project has never been easy. This time consuming and daunting work and has become even more demanding in the age of Fiverr, UpWork and similar websites, who offer endless possibilities on one hand, but greater risks on other.

Being a startup or an entrepreneur and running on a small budget means you can find pros who can do the work for you, but not choosing right can be fatal as it can stretch the timeline by months. It is tempting to go with the cheaper options, however that could be costly in the long run.

I have an eye for locating good talent of capable people that want to work the way we all do: with clear goals, clear requirements, fun and creative environment and good communication. This is the key, especially when working remote.

What I do to help is:

  • Specify the project requirements, schedule and budget
  • Divide the work between different tasks and current market roles
  • Post the project online or hire one of the people I know and trust
  • Clearly and professinally manage the communication with the developer, designer, marketer etc.