The headline of this short post can easily sound like total nonsense to those who rate and value good experience design.


  • UX is a long, tedious process. It needs to happen as quickly as possible and respond to iterations and tests. Therefore, hiring a user experience agency for your project can become a budget drainer, and/or it can stretch your timelines forever.
  • Your UX expert will show you how they do their research and get to know your users, your niche and your potential. But only rarely they really do, and even if they do, this cannot replace your knowledge and focus.

The solution is, as I suggested in the controversial headline – that you do it yourself.

Let me explain:

People often see their projects as apps, websites, videos and content. The way UX people see it is as an experience. Therefore, they are supposed to tailor an experience that is independent of what you initially envision when you contacted them. This is the pure way to design the user experience – deconstruct it, then rebuild it based on real data and analysis and on brainstormed ideas.

The problem is that this won’t happen. The designers you will hire will ry to solve most problems as quickly as possible, and not create new ones to solve them later. Professionals are good at solving problems, and usually they attack the problem as soon as possible.

Ironically, only you have enough knowledge and time to complete this process on schedule. Yes, you will need help. Yes, it will be an effort, because thinking is always the hardest thing. Drawing nice sketches that illustrate the process is cool but it does not ensure a real process.

So, what are you waiting for?