My name is Gur. Here is what I do:

Help you create a great digital product

Whether you’re a startup, company, a garage gig or a one-entrepreneur-who-does-it-all – we can sharpen the pencils and sit together.

Creating a great digital product is a journey, and while your intuition can be of great help, there’s nothing like experienced and knowledgeable direction for getting things right. Want to shoot a new app to the top? Have an idea for a great digital service? Want to launch a YouTube channel for your offline business? Need to take your business into social media? Let’s see how this could be done.

My approach is to focus on long term goals while picking low-hanging fruit on sight. By doing so, I utilise quick analysis and research methods for knowing whether your on the right track before too much time or resources are spent.


Lead your UX / UI design

Good products revolve around good user experiences. User experience means everything that your users see, hear, interact and most importantly FEEL while they play your new cool game or use your innovative app.

Users want to feel things like inspiration, awe, clarity, as well as security. Your digital product needs to analyse what of those feelings as well as others you want to communicate, and find solutions to how to do so.

If you have an idea for a medical app – what are the users expecting to encounter, what will turn them away, and what can surprise or inspire them?

UX is an art as well as science, and thinking it with the right state of mind is crucial to success.

I am happy to step in and design your UX, or help you create your own.


Help you find good freelancers

In today’s ever changing technology world, today’s hot skills are tomorrow’s useless ones. While most principles stay the same, the ever evolving digital market needs the right people for the tasks.

The good news is that it’s possible to find developers, designers, writers, community managers as well as almost any other required professional for pretty much any budget. Expectations need to be realistic but most importantly, you need to be able to locate those talented, caring and easy-going people you would like to hire. Reducing unnecessary noise, filtering and finding the right people is crucial to success.

I can help you find the people you need to do just that.